Friday, June 22, 2012

22 Sketches of Artomatic

Zofie Lang sketch Beth Farnstrom sketch Matt MacIntire sketch
So, Artomatic has a tradition of anonymous (or semi-anonymous) individuals who leave gifts, poems or kind comments to participants;  the Benefactor, Brash, the Collector 2.0...

So, with that in mind, I thought that instead of making a regular "Top Ten" list or "Best of AOM" list, I'd try and make a sketch for my favorite displays of this year's show.  I didn't quite finish as many as I wanted, but I did get about 22 sketches done and distributed back to the artists who inspired them. The're not all stellar sketches, but I tried to do them quick, so lay off man.

No name, no email, no signature or website on it.  Just a small small (2" x 3 1/4" specifically) gesture to let them know they are among my favorites of this year.
Stephanie Booth sketch Sean Hennessy sketch  Robert W Kincheloe sketchRania Hassan sketch Peter Gordon sketch
Though it wouldn't take much to figure out I did them... (golly look, a blog post about it!)

Here's how they look as I put the sketches up in the artists' spaces.
 Artomatic sketchesMatt MacIntire
David D'OrioRania Hassan



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perstef said...

I wanted to thank you for my drawing. I absolutely love it and it was a touching end to Artomatic.