Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This Site Is Closed Do Not Enter

This Site Is Closed Do Not Enter
Part of me just wants to say "presented with no commentary" and leave it at that, but I don't want this to be mistaken for some kind of libertarian protest or a complaint about park rangers like we've seen in the last week. I only felt as though it would be interesting to go check out the Mall and see how it looked when "barricaded". Now, if instead you want take this as a criticism of politicians not doing their job, go crazy. Especially those that instigated the shutdown then shamelessly postured in front of cameras to complain about it's results. Not that I feel like sketching those nincompoops.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Crafty Bastards 2013

Crafty Bastards sketch 13
Crafty Bastards was just a couple of weeks ago.  It's similar to SPX, as it's the kind of fair you walk into just thinking you're just going to browse, then walk out realizing you spent every bit of cash you had on you.  I swear I really didn't think I'd actually spend every dime on me, I thought I was just going to sketch...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

H Street Fest

H Street sketch strip

Inspired by Joel's sketches from last year, I checked out this year's H Street Festival. Food, weird cars, rollergirls, art and lots of people.  Sadly I missed an opportunity to try a faux-cronut, but otherwise a lot of fun.

I'm starting to enjoy putting sketches together in strip form.  It's taking me a little longer to put together and sketch, but I'm diggin' it.