Monday, January 21, 2013


So as we were Sketchcrawling our way along the National Mall, we caught the attention of a PBS videographer/journalist who was out look for pictures and stories.  After a call to his editor, he got a bit of an extension on his deadline to join us on our 'crawl.  Here is what he's posted on the PBS New Hour InaugBlog!

Sketch Crawl from NewsHour University on Vimeo.

Kind of fun to get a little publicity. Though I never really like hearing the sound of my voice... Thanks Patrick Record all the same for finding us worthwhile of the attention!

Sketchcrawl #38. Three views of the Capitol Building. Part 3.

And finally, here are three views of the Capitol building.

Inauguration 2013 Capitol Building

Inauguration 2013 Jumbotron and Capitol

Last Port-o-potty, I promise.
Inauguration 2013 Portojohns and Capitol

Sketchcrawl #38. Part 2.

The landscape of the National Mall changes quite a bit with the coming of the inauguration.     News trucks, t-shirt vendors, security, etc... Though not quite a Tardis, the Police box certainly caught my eye as an interesting addition to the surroundings.  And you can't miss the Port-o-potty's, and checking out CNN was just kind of fun.
Inauguration 2013 Police Box

Inauguration 2013 CNN

Inauguration 2013 Portopotty

Sketchcrawl #38 The National Mall, leading to the Inauguration. Part 1.

For this past weekend, we decided it would be timely to have our Sketchcrawl on the National Mall here in DC, as the Presidential Inauguration is happening shortly.  I got there a little early to get a sense of what was around, and there was plenty to see.  My first couple of sketches, as I waited for the other 'crawlers to arrive, aren't strictly Inauguration themed, but a couple of scenes of the Mall.

The East Wing of the National Gallery- in the midst of a face lift.
National Gallery East Wing

And a view of the Natural History Museum from Hirshhorn, across the Mall.
Inauguration 2013 Natural History Museum from the Hirshhorn
I'll post another batch in a moment or two...

Monday, January 7, 2013


So, my friends Greg & Yayoi and I work together over the summer at a fantastic high school age arts program called NYSSSA (send your kids).  They also wisely use their free time there to make beautiful spontaneous collaborative drawings and paintings together.  Of which I am invited to participate in, but am usually too worried that I'm going to ruin what they've done.

Now, Greg and I have often talked about working on some sort of project together, but we have both been a bit busy to start anything.  He more than myself.  So as the year came to an end I thought I'd try and put the beginnings of a drawing together that could perhaps bounce back and forth between us.  Being the cautious type I started two drawings so I could senf him which ever i thought turned out best. Which frankly just made things harder, as I couldn't make up my mind. eventually I thought "Hey, I should send Yayoi one of these!"

I then proceeded to spend a day or two flip flopping between who would get which one.

Anyway. I thought I would post these, as some small way to pressure and manipulate  encourage them to continue the drawings!

Greg got this one.
The One I Sent G.L.

Yayoi got this one.
The One I Sent Y.A. Now get to work.