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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sketchcrawl #37 National Zoo

6-ish of us headed to the National Zoo for the 37th International Sketchcrawl. And while a few animals posed still for us many others seemed to ignore any requests for long posed by the group- instead insisting on walking, flying & feeding while the group was observing them. Good models are hard to find.
Alas, here are two sketches I managed to finish past rough pencil sketches.

Here are some lionesses enjoying the sun:
Sketchcrawl lions

And a bird whose name I neglected to record:
Sketchcrawl bird

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Artomatic Sketchcrawl

artomatic sketchcrawl

Since there are quite a few DC Urban Sketchers/Sketchcrawlers participating in Artomatic this time around, I thought it might be a good idea to have a tour & sketchcrawl to highlight our work, and the rest of the show.  (I stuck to sketching non-sketchcrawler sculptures, as it was a little easier to do than sketching our 2D stuff.)

P.S. The show is over on June 23rd,  so if you are in town come check it out.
1851 S Bell St. Arlington, VA 22202. 
Giant Japanese Monster, Bad! artomatic sketchcrawl

Matt MacIntire artomatic sketchcrawl

artomatic sketchcrawl vacuum cleaner

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Waterfront SE

Waterfront SE
We intended to go into Nationals park to have our sketchcrawl during the ballgame, but had a hard time finding each other!  So when I finally ran into Matt we decided to stick to the waterfront and sketch a bit there.  I finished one sketch, but only got through a little of the other.
Water Processing Building

Monday, September 19, 2011

Congressional Cemetery [September Sketchcrawl]

Congressional Cemetery Statue; Marie Estelle Kretchmar
A bunch of us were itching for another sketchcrawl, so we gathered up at Congressional Cemetery (near the Stadium Armory Station) this past weekend. We started by getting an extremely interesting tour of the grounds from former chairman of the board of the Cemetery Preservation Association & sketcher himself, Patrick Crowley. We had a great overview of the grounds, peaked into a vault or two and learned quite a bit about the cemetery and DC history. Add to that, there was an over abundance of subject matter to tackle.

After our tour I began the sketch below, and managed to halfway finish it before being interrupted by the rain. Now some of the other sketchers braved the rain better than I and made some beautiful work, but not I. So I took a break and walked around a bit, searching for a beautiful little statue Patrick pointed out on our tour. "Marie Estelle Krachmar" caught my eye with her broken legs, eroded surface (marble is vulnerable to acid rain) and the fact that everyday someone puts a coin in her lap. So I began sketching her when a there came a lull in the rain. That lull was short though, and ultimately I had to finish the sketch at home, but the group has talked about coming back on a sunnier day that may be more conducive to sketching outdoors. I'm looking forward to it.
Congressional Cemetery Wm. Lambell Vault

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sketchcrawl #30- The Library of Congress

Lamp Statue @ Library of Congress (Sketch Crawl 30)
We were at the LoC for our latest Sketchcrawl and while I didn't get to see or sketch the hawk in the reading room, there was an overabundance of decorative architecture, displays and statuary to sketch.
Gutenberg Bible @ Library of Congress (Sketch Crawl 30)
Ceiling corner @ Library of Congress (Sketch Crawl 30)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Skatchcrawl #29- The National Cathedral/Dupont Circle

National Cathedral
This is coming quite late. Last SketchCrawl back in October we had a great group that started out at the National Cathedral and trekked our way to Dupont circle. I wasn't terribly thrilled with any of my sketches that day so I never posted any of my results. There might be one or two quick sketches I will put up eventually, but all in all I didn't think I produced much to speak of. The same can't be said of the rest of the group, and our visiitor from Orlando, the extremely talented Mr. Thorspecken (Thor) all of whom produced some great work.

I decided to at least go back and try and finish at least one sketch from the day to share, so this is what you see. Besides this and a couple quicker sketches of the Cathedral, the only other sketch that came out halfway decent was of one of the statues on the fountain at Dupont circle. Something I've sketched once or twice before.

DC Sketchcrawl 29 Dupont

Monday, November 15, 2010

On The Fly

On the Fly food truck
This is the last sketch I have from the Rally a couple of weeks ago. Technically its the first sketch I worked on, but I never got a chance to finish it up until recently.

On The Fly is another food truck in town, and it made a good choice coming to the Mall during the rally, as I never saw it without a line. Time dictated that I get moving towards the crowd and events, so I didn't join the line. On The Fly has a pretty good methodology, supporting local companies, using smart cars as trucks, eco-packaging, etc... they've got their green bases covered.

This sketch is also the first drawing I'll be contributing to the new Urban Sketchers > Washington DC blog. Please check it out to see more sketches by more sketchers from DC. They are indeed a talented bunch.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rally To Restore Sanity (and/or Fear)

Rally To Restore Sanity and or Fear- Stage and Capitol Building
Well that was fun.
I had a horrible view, it was a miserable Metro ride into the city, and I barely got there on time, but Rally To Restore Sanity (and/or Fear)was a lot of fun. Despite not being able to see the stage (nor jumbo-trons) very well, all parts of the show kept me and the crowd laughing for a solid three hours while making some very good points about our national conversation. At the end, as the 200,00o people shuffled off the mall, I got a little closer to the stage and managed this sketch. I'm a little disapointed I didn't get a sketch of Kareem Abdul Jabar or R2D2, but I did get a few of the other people who attended.

Rally To Restore Sanity and or Fear- ChairRally To Restore Sanity and or Fear- Wheres WandaRally To Restore Sanity and or Fear- Kid in Tree
I have a few more half-done sketches, and will share them as soon as I finish them off! Until I get those done, check out Joel's get sketches, as he showed up to sketch too!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

DC Sketchcrawl #29

Be there.

Sketchcrawl #29 : Saturday October 16 2010

Where: National Cathedral (you'll find me outside) and we'll 'crawl to Dupont Circle.

When: 10:30am - 5:00-ish

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sketchcrawl at Genesee Valley Park

Rochester Sketchcrawl- Genesee Valley Park 01
I've been home in Rochester for a bit this summer, and consider myself lucky that Genine & Rachael have had 2 Rochester Sketchcrawl events within less than 2 weeks of each other. The latest meet up was at the Genesee Valley Park. My first couple of sketches were quite the massive failures-I hada hard time wrapping my head around those kayaks. I think Genine faired much better with them. But I found a couple of sketches in me after those... we'll call them... warm-ups...
Rochester Sketchcrawl- Genesee Valley Park 02

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sketching the State of the City

Friday (Aug 6) was the 2010 State of the City show at the ROCO, which featured a lot of nice work including Amy Casey, Trevor Flynn and Spectres of Liberty. But by far the most interesting part of the show was the participation of the Rochester Sketchcrawlers. The idea was for visitors to join in with the Sketchcrawlers and then share their drawings on a designated ROCO wall, and there was a nice collection of drawings up at the end of the night. I pinned two sketches on their wall, but kept the rest in my sketchbook.
RoCo MailboxesRoCo Parking Meter
The sketches i kept were mostly blind-contour sketches of people. I have twice as many attempted drawings in my moleskine as I have finished sketches though, from not being able to handle people moving while I draw.
RoCo Bob
RoCo gentleman 01RoCo Bleu
(Amy Casey and her friend #3 below were not blind contour)
RoCo Amy CaseyRoCo 3
(But this gentleman was)
RoCo gentleman 02

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Go now.

Check out the wealth of July 17th Sketch Crawl DC results on Flickr like this one above by the talented Ms. Graeber.

Also- Don't forget July 31st is International Sketchcrawl #28!

DC Sketch Crawlers will be meeting up at the Corchran Gallery of Art's "Corcoran Sketching in the Atrium!" event Noon to 3pm, July 31st.
Or I won't consider you one of the cool kids anymore.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

DC Sketch Crawl July 17th.

Elizabeth Graeber & Glory E have put together a Sketch Crawl for July 17th 'crawling from the Washington Monument all the way over to the National Zoo. With a stop at the Fojol brothers truck and a few other spots as well. Register (for free) over here, and join in.

Check out the schedule below!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

DC Sketchcrawl #27. May 15, 2010.

Franciscan Monastery
We gathered up for Sketchcrawl 27 at the Brookland Metro stop this time around. With a few more sketchers with us since last crawl we started our way around a neighborhood and part of DC that was unknown to me until now. We were luck to have Dan & Frederick to show us around. And especially to have Dan fill us in on the history of the area.

Our first stop was on a main strip, with lots of shops... and that sketch isn't quite done yet, so I'll have to post it later. We had a very nice lunch and headed to the beautiful Franciscan Monastery, of which I only saw a very small part of. Though, what I did see what absolutely beautiful.

Our next stop was Howard U School of Divinity that has fantastic building pictured here with amazing sculptures on its exterior.

These are always a lot of fun- I'll be sad to miss the next one in July.

SFRANCSOLANUS HU School of DivinityCORVINUS HU School of Divinity

Monday, May 10, 2010

May 15th.

Saturday, May 15th.
Brookland Metro Station.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Intern'l Sketchcrawl 27- DC

Save The Date.

Sketchcrawl 27 : Saturday May 15 2010

Not sure where.
Not sure when.
We'll figure it out soon.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sketchcrawl 26 results

There was a great turnout for DC's Sketch Crawl this weekend. Joel, Erin, Erin, Frederick, Dan & I sketched our way through a good number of Smithsonian museums over the day.

We started at the Freer.
Twisted FormFreer 2

Then the Hirshhorn.
Head of Sorrow

Lunch at the NMAI.

The US Botanical Garden.
Blind Contour Dragon Head at the US Botanical Gardens
Sierra Gold
The National Gallery.
36 BustsPortrait of a Lady

We ended at the Nat'l Gallery Sculpture Garden... but I have very little to show for that stop. Drawing people while they skate is quite difficult. So I tried to make up for it with a quick sketch on the Metro on my way home.

All in all a very productive day spent with a great group of artists.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

DC Sketchcrawl #26. February 27, 2010.

Save The Date.

Sketchcrawl 26 : Saturday February 27 2010

Not sure where.
Not sure when.
Though someplace warm I think.

Go here: Sketchcrawl Forums