Monday, March 30, 2009

Selfportraits in the Rain... after

Maybe the rain didn't fall as hard as I had hoped...
Sunday I picked up the portraits I dropped off Saturday. For the most part the rain didn't leave much of a change, but you could see it in a few of them.
09 before after
The "stop ahead" sign had the most obvious change, with most of the goauche washed off or dripping down the cardboard.
08 before after
The mailbox pic got faded a bit.
10 before after
... and you can see how the cardboard and paint have a changed texture in the phonebooth piece.
Otherwise the rest of them didn't have a very obvious difference.
I'll have to give it another shot sometime, and maybe for more than a night.
the rest of them are in my Flickr somewhere.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Self Portraits in the Rain. Before.

03 1100

I've placed 10 of these selfportraits around the Capitol Hill/Eastern Market area of DC. I'm only planning on leaving them there for a day, as I want to see how they look after tonight's rain. The cardboard & blue gouache should get changed around a bit from the weather, while the gesso base should show the remains of the facial structure. Hopefully something interesting will happen.

All of my "Pre-Rain" pictures are here in Flickr.
01 108802 109503 109804 110505 111506 111907 112608 113009 113810 1143

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Given Away on 27th & East Pl

 27th & East Pl 1069
I put the next set of "tickets" in place yesterday despite the rain coming down. The drawings will likely be received soaked or disintegrated from the water. Oh well. I know one woman got hers before it got too drenched. She was walking up the road and must have seen me place the envelope on her car (as well as take a picture) as she gave me a very suspicious glare when I was a little farther down the way. At the very least she took the giveaway and checked it out. Whether she kept it or trashed it is another story I suppose.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

27th St NW and East Pl NW

27 St NW and East Pl NW 0127 St NW and East Pl NW 0227 St NW and East Pl NW 03
27 St NW and East Pl NW 0427 St NW and East Pl NW 0527 St NW and East Pl NW 06
27 St NW and East Pl NW 0727 St NW and East Pl NW 0827 St NW and East Pl NW 09
some more planned "Giveaways" for a little block of houses in Georgetown.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Given Away 1

Giveaways 1

Giveaways 2

IMG_1058 IMG_1060

I made 10 small (2"x3") drawings around the 1700 block of S street (see my previous 2 posts), and left them on 10 windsheilds on cars around that area.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

1700 Block of S Street

1700 Block S Street 00011700 Block S Street 00021700 Block S Street 00031700 Block S Street 00041700 Block S Street 00021700 Block S Street 0006
These are some quick & small (2"X3") drawings of a block of houses in DC that I am planning to use for a (quick & small) project. Which I might actually be able to finish it with a snow day tomorrow...

(These aren't in the right order... oh well)