Monday, May 24, 2010


So last week I got it in my head that I would play a prank on a few co-workers who were out of the building with kids on a field trip. One of whom had a slight run in with the authorities regarding her lacking a visible parking permit. So I thought making a fake yet convincing ticket and putting it on their cars while they were out would be a great idea. So one afternoon I dove into Excel, found some legit looking icons and "ticket-speak" from the internets, and threw together what you see here.
Pretty good no? Some highlights include:
  • $500.00 fine for Lewd and/or unsavory behavior (non-administrative).
  • $7.24 fine for Administrative misconduct of a sexual vehicular nature.
  • Possibility of Destaffing and/or rubber room status.
  • Seizure of vehicle, income tax refunds or lottery winnings to satisfy unpaid fines.
  • The fact that the school system doesn't have officers and doesn't give out tickets...
  • All checks must be made payable to our Tech Specialist.
So my victims (mostly) hadn't actually quite noticed all the details to see it was a fake and one took it to my Assistant Principal... who called Security. But my AP got a kick out of it after the fact, and I think it's all cleared up. Now I just need to watch my back a little until I feel said victims aren't going to push me down the stairs, or slash my tires...

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I had wanted to sketch Kramer's for a while, and had given it a shot a few weeks ago- but for one reason or another I just couldn't pull it off. So I made my way back to Dupont Circle today, found my spot again on a concrete island/bridge between/over traffic lanes and tried again. And actually finished it this time. And more than that, I an happy I didn't get dizzy and fall into the traffic going by just over the railing I was working on.
Kramerbooks sketch

Sunday, May 16, 2010

DC Sketchcrawl #27. May 15, 2010.

Franciscan Monastery
We gathered up for Sketchcrawl 27 at the Brookland Metro stop this time around. With a few more sketchers with us since last crawl we started our way around a neighborhood and part of DC that was unknown to me until now. We were luck to have Dan & Frederick to show us around. And especially to have Dan fill us in on the history of the area.

Our first stop was on a main strip, with lots of shops... and that sketch isn't quite done yet, so I'll have to post it later. We had a very nice lunch and headed to the beautiful Franciscan Monastery, of which I only saw a very small part of. Though, what I did see what absolutely beautiful.

Our next stop was Howard U School of Divinity that has fantastic building pictured here with amazing sculptures on its exterior.

These are always a lot of fun- I'll be sad to miss the next one in July.

SFRANCSOLANUS HU School of DivinityCORVINUS HU School of Divinity