Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SPX Haul, 2009

SPX Haul 09

Kevin Huizenga's Ganges #3

Matthew Swanson & Robbi Behr's Ten Thousand Stories

Theo Ellsworth's Sleeper Car & Capacity

Justin Madson's Birch vols. 1-3

Nate Doyle's Crooked Teeth #4

Bill Kelter & Wayne Shellabarger's Veeps

Ivan Brunetti's Ho! The Morally Questionable Cartoons

A collection of Greg Lendeck prints of his amazing Wax Paper cut-outs.

S's (daughter of Greg) The Zoo

C's (son of Greg) Future Seas

Sean Ford's Only Skin #4

Tom Galambos's print of a geriatric JLA & JSA

Ethan Rilly's Pope Hats

JP Coovert's Insides

Paul Karasik's second collection of Fletcher Hanks comics- You Shall Die By Your Own Evil Creations!

Ken Dahl's Monsters

Erika Moen's DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary

Alexis Frederick-Frost's Ship

Joseph Lambert's Untitled (Dinosaur)

Kevin Panetta & Andy Kettler's Super Wrestle


Kevin Panetta & Mike Short's Monster Fight!

Matt Kindt's 3 Story: The Secret History of the Giant Man

Sammy Harkham's Crickets

James McShane's Archaeology

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Book

So I settled on "On Sight" [sic] as my title. And here is the final product I sold this weekend at the Small Press Expo.

On Sight side by side

I managed to put together 10 books, 5 of which actually sold. TO REAL FRICKIN' PEOPLE nonetheless!
It was pretty sweet.

On Sight

Granted one of them was sort of a pity-buy by a friend (though he kindly denies it) but I'll take it anyway. My table was shared with two friends, and talented artist both, Greg Lendeck and Tom Galambos. Our table space was a little smaller than anticipated so only two of us could fit back there at a time.

I have to admit I felt a bit of frustration for the first... oh, 12 hours of the combined two day (14 hour total) event. Not because I wasn't having fun talking to people and seeing *coughbuyingcough* a whole lotta beautiful books other people and publishers brought, but I had really hoped to sell at least one copy to someone I didn't know. So when Greg was behind the table and somehow tricked a very kind gentleman to buy a copy I was pretty happy and suprised. The next 3 sales were all just as unexpected. Especially the lovely girl who came running to our table as we were clearing it off to leave SPX until next year. So thank you Greg for pushing my books and making those sales.

It was a great weekend and all the better for having Greg, Tom and Matt (said kind pity-buyer) around to enjoy it with. I look forward to being even more prepared for SPX next year.

Friday, September 25, 2009

On Sight [sic]

The Small Press Expo is this weekend in Bethesda MD, as while usually I am happy to be one of the many spectators and consumers of the great art and Indie Comics to be found there, this year I'll be sharing a table with Greg & Tom trying to hock a few copies of a book I made by hand. It's nothing too fancy, just a collection of drawings I've made in the last couple of years. No superheroes or hipster narratives about my childhood. Just pictures of buildings and stuff. I haven't got them totally finished quite yet, but by this evening I should have 10-15 copies and I will post them when I have something concrete to share.
In Progress

P.S. While some copies are too far finished to change the title, I am planning on scrapping "Looking Around" from my covers... I took me too long to think of anything decent to call my book!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some results of Sketchcrawl 24

Today I had the pleasure of participating in a DC Sketch Crawl with two very talented artists Joel & Diahn. We met up, and spent some time drawing at Dupont Circle, where we also ran into artist and teacher Chawky Frenn.
Lady at the Fountain
The fountain at Dupont Circle has three statues around it, one of which I drew. I'll certainly have to return to finish the other two eventually.

After some walking and wandering around the city, we soon made our way to Lafayette Park, which provided a nice view of the White House, crowds of tourists who seemed very interest in what we were all doing, and President Andrew Jackson.
President Jackson
Finally we made our way to the National Sculpture Garden on the Nat'l Mall. And here I made a sketch that really didn't come out well, so we are going to pretend it doesn't exist. I will have to refer you to Joel and Diahn's respective blogs if you are curious about that little part of DC, as they represent all locations extremely well.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sketchcrawl #24

tomorrow (Saturday the 19th)

Dupont Circle, I'll be by the fountain around 10:30(ish)

Please join me!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My New Classroom

After 4 years of Art-on-a-cart I've now been handed the keys to a newly built art room. One or two things are still to be delivered, but I won't have as much to complain about this year.