Friday, September 25, 2009

On Sight [sic]

The Small Press Expo is this weekend in Bethesda MD, as while usually I am happy to be one of the many spectators and consumers of the great art and Indie Comics to be found there, this year I'll be sharing a table with Greg & Tom trying to hock a few copies of a book I made by hand. It's nothing too fancy, just a collection of drawings I've made in the last couple of years. No superheroes or hipster narratives about my childhood. Just pictures of buildings and stuff. I haven't got them totally finished quite yet, but by this evening I should have 10-15 copies and I will post them when I have something concrete to share.
In Progress

P.S. While some copies are too far finished to change the title, I am planning on scrapping "Looking Around" from my covers... I took me too long to think of anything decent to call my book!


bitt said...

have you seen this?

Unknown said...

Chris Crites! I love his work, and I've actually blogged his stuff before here. Thanks for reminding me of him!