Wednesday, March 11, 2009

27th St NW and East Pl NW

27 St NW and East Pl NW 0127 St NW and East Pl NW 0227 St NW and East Pl NW 03
27 St NW and East Pl NW 0427 St NW and East Pl NW 0527 St NW and East Pl NW 06
27 St NW and East Pl NW 0727 St NW and East Pl NW 0827 St NW and East Pl NW 09
some more planned "Giveaways" for a little block of houses in Georgetown.


Unknown said...

Another wonderful set. Feel free to come to my neighborhood, okay? :-D

Anonymous said...

Love the composition and the economy of resources. will keep an eye on you- well, both eyes really

Evlyn said...

Wow! I really like them! ^-^
(I find it so hard to drawn building and scenery, I really enjoy your skill at those)It is funny how small things often make us smile :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments ladies! They are very much appreciated.

Johanna said...

Dear Christian..fantastic..what a wonderful portfolio.i love all the cards and i wish you a great succes in DC.your mom told me that you are doing very well there.your drawings are just great it is a joy looking at them....i wish i could come there in person to see it Johanna and Ron

Theresa said...

Dear Christian,

I have NO idea if you'll get this - but bottom line is that I've found you and your work.
I've finally followed through on my intention to find out more about this mysterious envelope I got in 2009 with a picture of my house on 27th Street NW. My house is the one with the drippy black runs on the left side of it. Come back - it's painted now. :)

Incredibly, it's ten years later... andI wanted to tell you that I framed your little sketch in 2009 and that I've wondered how it arrived and who drew it... and now I know.

Love your work! (and hope you get this.)


Theresa Crawford
1513 27th St NW

September 23, 2019