Sunday, March 15, 2009

Given Away on 27th & East Pl

 27th & East Pl 1069
I put the next set of "tickets" in place yesterday despite the rain coming down. The drawings will likely be received soaked or disintegrated from the water. Oh well. I know one woman got hers before it got too drenched. She was walking up the road and must have seen me place the envelope on her car (as well as take a picture) as she gave me a very suspicious glare when I was a little farther down the way. At the very least she took the giveaway and checked it out. Whether she kept it or trashed it is another story I suppose.

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Big Speck said...

The buildings look so flat! I thought you were leaving out sections of them as part of some aesthetic decision making but now I see how they look almost like billboard facades.