Monday, November 15, 2010

On The Fly

On the Fly food truck
This is the last sketch I have from the Rally a couple of weeks ago. Technically its the first sketch I worked on, but I never got a chance to finish it up until recently.

On The Fly is another food truck in town, and it made a good choice coming to the Mall during the rally, as I never saw it without a line. Time dictated that I get moving towards the crowd and events, so I didn't join the line. On The Fly has a pretty good methodology, supporting local companies, using smart cars as trucks, eco-packaging, etc... they've got their green bases covered.

This sketch is also the first drawing I'll be contributing to the new Urban Sketchers > Washington DC blog. Please check it out to see more sketches by more sketchers from DC. They are indeed a talented bunch.

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