Friday, February 4, 2011

Sketchcrawl #30- The Library of Congress

Lamp Statue @ Library of Congress (Sketch Crawl 30)
We were at the LoC for our latest Sketchcrawl and while I didn't get to see or sketch the hawk in the reading room, there was an overabundance of decorative architecture, displays and statuary to sketch.
Gutenberg Bible @ Library of Congress (Sketch Crawl 30)
Ceiling corner @ Library of Congress (Sketch Crawl 30)


Anonymous said...

Hi. Ironically, I have the same email address- Ctribastone. My mother, Lucia is a New jersey resident but her mom, Maria Luisa, was from Sicily. I wanted to know if you have any relatives from Sicily? I'm just trying to reconnect my grandmother's family tree.

I suppose I'll check your page again for a response.


Unknown said...

Our part of the family is a few generations removed from Sicily. Do you know if your grandmother had any siblings that traveled? My grandfather eventually settled in Tunisia before he brought his family to the US.

Laura said...

my nonna's name was Lucia Tribastone and my mothers name is Maria luisa! How crazy is that! I have family in Sicily in the town of Ragusa! I wonder if my family can be of help to you. There are also part of the family that i know of in Rochester NY - all Tribastones ( my Nonno's brothers family)

Laura said...
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