Friday, January 7, 2011

Skatchcrawl #29- The National Cathedral/Dupont Circle

National Cathedral
This is coming quite late. Last SketchCrawl back in October we had a great group that started out at the National Cathedral and trekked our way to Dupont circle. I wasn't terribly thrilled with any of my sketches that day so I never posted any of my results. There might be one or two quick sketches I will put up eventually, but all in all I didn't think I produced much to speak of. The same can't be said of the rest of the group, and our visiitor from Orlando, the extremely talented Mr. Thorspecken (Thor) all of whom produced some great work.

I decided to at least go back and try and finish at least one sketch from the day to share, so this is what you see. Besides this and a couple quicker sketches of the Cathedral, the only other sketch that came out halfway decent was of one of the statues on the fountain at Dupont circle. Something I've sketched once or twice before.

DC Sketchcrawl 29 Dupont


Big Speck said...

Lovely piece, Christian.

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