Monday, August 9, 2010

Sketching the State of the City

Friday (Aug 6) was the 2010 State of the City show at the ROCO, which featured a lot of nice work including Amy Casey, Trevor Flynn and Spectres of Liberty. But by far the most interesting part of the show was the participation of the Rochester Sketchcrawlers. The idea was for visitors to join in with the Sketchcrawlers and then share their drawings on a designated ROCO wall, and there was a nice collection of drawings up at the end of the night. I pinned two sketches on their wall, but kept the rest in my sketchbook.
RoCo MailboxesRoCo Parking Meter
The sketches i kept were mostly blind-contour sketches of people. I have twice as many attempted drawings in my moleskine as I have finished sketches though, from not being able to handle people moving while I draw.
RoCo Bob
RoCo gentleman 01RoCo Bleu
(Amy Casey and her friend #3 below were not blind contour)
RoCo Amy CaseyRoCo 3
(But this gentleman was)
RoCo gentleman 02

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