Sunday, August 8, 2010


I spent July in Fredonia, teaching at NYSSSA Visual Arts again. Every year we have an Art Exchange with the faulty and staff of the program, and this year I was one of the delinquent ones who wasn't able to finish his set of work for everyone. Not for lack of trying mind you! I just didn't like the picture I had made, and it wasn't working out as a multiple like I wanted it to...

More on that sketch later perhaps...

Demolition Derby D16

So instead I finished a sketch from the Chautauqua County Fair's Demolition Derby! We got there a little late and missed the "Gladiators" round, but what we did see were really fun. D16 was the winner of the last round we watched, and came off relatively unscathed. I may have to finish one of the other drawings of one of the cars that came off a little worse.

So now I just have to do finish 19 prints of this sketch and mail them out... I can totally do that between now and next July, right?

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Rachael Baldanza said...

Hey Christian,
Remind me to ask about your NYSSSA experience, it was NYSSSA artcamp when I was 14 that got in me into all this trouble! Also post pictures from your sketchbook from Friday nightif you can...
see you Saturday,