Sunday, August 29, 2010

Demoncats & Dr. Sketchy

DC Demoncats 04
DC Demoncats 05
A fellow Sketchcrawler let me know that Dr. Sketchy's had started up in DC earlier this year. Of course I only found out about this in July when I was out of town.
So I made it to my first session this week at The Soundry in VA and they had the Demoncats from the DC Rollergirls posing for us. And they put on some really good at poses, better than models from some figure studies classes I've had & taught.
DC Demoncats 03DC Demoncats 06
I can't wait to see the girls in the rink!


Bricoleuse said...

Nice sketches. And enjoy the match! Those girls are BAMFs in the rink.

Charcoal Moon said...

Great work! I am a slow worker, so I had great difficulty with the poses that were less than 20 minutes. I agree that the Demoncats put together some fantastic poses - better than most professional models that I have seen.