Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jamestown Giveaway

While I was in Fredonia for NYSSSA this July (missing the symposium) I made my way down to Jamestown, NY to do a little sketching. There are a lot of interesting buildings and alleys there and last year I had thought it would be a great place to do one of my "giveaway" projects, but time had gotten away from me and it never happened. This time I made sure to make a couple of detours to draw & place a few sketches around the city. I decided to frame 6 sketches (thanks IKEA for the cheap frames!) and place them near the sites I drew them by instead of placing them on car windshields like I usually do. I thought it would be interesting to hang them up on the street as I might hang them on a gallery wall. I forgot to give them all labels, but all of the frames are easily removable to anyone who might want to take one home. I don't really know if they'll all fall to the ground, get taken home, or still be there this time next year- I just dig that they are part of the landscape for a little while.
Jamestown sketch 1jamestown sketch 01 2
jamestown sketch 01 panoramic
Jamestown sketch 2jamestown sketch 02 6
Jamestown sketch 3jamestown sketch 03 6
Jamestown sketch 4jamestown sketch 04 7
jamestown sketch 5jamestown sketch 05 3
jamestown sketch 6jamestown sketch 06 4


gabi campanario said...

you've outdone yourself again! this is awesome!

Björn Eskil said...

Thanks a lot Gabi!

Andrea Longhi said...

wonderfull works!!!
cheers from Italy :)

Björn Eskil said...

Much appreciated Andrea, thank you!

MelBerg said...

This is so fabulous! I am passing this link around. Thank you for sharing - I find this both inspiring (you are making people's day!) and fun.