Monday, January 7, 2013


So, my friends Greg & Yayoi and I work together over the summer at a fantastic high school age arts program called NYSSSA (send your kids).  They also wisely use their free time there to make beautiful spontaneous collaborative drawings and paintings together.  Of which I am invited to participate in, but am usually too worried that I'm going to ruin what they've done.

Now, Greg and I have often talked about working on some sort of project together, but we have both been a bit busy to start anything.  He more than myself.  So as the year came to an end I thought I'd try and put the beginnings of a drawing together that could perhaps bounce back and forth between us.  Being the cautious type I started two drawings so I could senf him which ever i thought turned out best. Which frankly just made things harder, as I couldn't make up my mind. eventually I thought "Hey, I should send Yayoi one of these!"

I then proceeded to spend a day or two flip flopping between who would get which one.

Anyway. I thought I would post these, as some small way to pressure and manipulate  encourage them to continue the drawings!

Greg got this one.
The One I Sent G.L.

Yayoi got this one.
The One I Sent Y.A. Now get to work.

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