Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Drawing Kit!

I just bought a new Timbuk2 bag to hold all my drawing supplies for when I go out sketching. It doesn't take much to make me gidd... er... happy.
pack 1
pack 2
pack 3


Ryan said...

Holy moley (no pun intended) appear to be prepared for any and all sketching/drawing/painting emergencies. I love seeing pictures of people's gear.

Björn Eskil said...

A little excessive maybe... but it gets me excited to go out drawing more when I have my shit together. I resisted putting in any watercolor/gouache kits I knew I'd never use.

Anonymous said...

Looks good!! What's that long narrow thing in the gray + orange sack strapped to the bottom of the messenger bag? Is it a tripod? Or is it a folding stool? Or is it . . . . what?

Björn Eskil said...

Anon- it's a portable/collapsable stool