Thursday, February 5, 2009

Last Batch

inauguration 15- To the Trees
inauguration 14- Humvee
inauguration 13- Soldiers at the Yinauguration 12- Security Station
inauguration 11- Spoilersinauguration 10- WWII Memorial


Big Speck said...

See humvee comment on Flickr first. OK this is some fine stuff my friend. you need to get this up and out. Galleries and such. So here is the "and such" - now, after I asked to see you draw some scenes with graffiti I got a notion. You need to print or draw some of these suckers big, BIG! and wheat paste them up! Do the do - get it on the street! Share! Do it!!

Björn Eskil said...

I kind of like the idea od pasting these up... I'll give it some thought...