Saturday, April 18, 2009

Given Away on 17th St & U

Giveaways on 17th St
17th St & U _119217th St & U _1196
3rd set of giveaways, on 17th St. between U and T.
U St & 17th St NW 06U St & 17th St NW 09U St & 17th St NW 05U St & 17th St NW 07
I've meant to post these for a while but have been distracted by other projects (below) not to mention a little bit of traveling over my Spring break. Hopefully I will be giving all 10 sketches (see the rest at my Flickr) away today and have a little picture evidence of the act to add to this post later on.

U St & 17th St NW 03

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