Friday, July 24, 2009

71 Central Avenue, Fredonia NY 14063

71 central ave 1/25

These are a few prints/drawings from an edition of pieces I just made for an art exchange I have the pleasure of being part of as a teacher at NYSSSA SVA. The program is located in Fredonia, NY and while the town may not have the usual amenities of most cities, has a lot of interesting homes and architecture to offer.

This is my edition of 25 of a beautiful house here in town. My printmaking process was pretty ghetto since I've become quite impatient in my old age (coughjustturned30cough). First I drew the house in my moleskine...

71 central ave Moleskine

I then scanned it in and printed one off from the computer. I fed it into a copy machine onto some 8 1/2" X 11" pieces of paperbags to make my multiples, painting in the highlights with brush and gesso afterwards.

71 central ave 3/2571 central ave 6/2571 central ave 7/2571 central ave 2/2571 central ave 4/2571 central ave 12/25

I'm pretty happy with them!


Diahn said...

These are great - your ghetto method worked perfectly! I think the Trader Joe's bag was a brilliant choice...

Terry Krysak said...

Fantastic work, and a brilliant idea, I love it.

Anonymous said...

like the effect! very nice =)