Monday, February 20, 2012

New Painting

I've had a bit of a dry spell when it comes to making art lately, but I've started a couple new pieces to try and get back into it.  There was an piece I began of the Eastman Theater I tried to finish a while back that, for what ever reason, became a a road block I wasn't able to get past.  There was another piece of a statue in Sweden that ended up having the same way.  Half finished, with no motivation to keep working on them, or frankly much of anything.

So I am putting them aside and hopefully will be able move past whatever it was that was mentally in my way.  So here is a quick, grainy, iphonie shot of a larger drawing/painting I've started.  I haven't been terribly consistent in my time spent on it, but compared to the last two or three years I'm doing much better at moving it along. 

(p.s. It's not meant to bee folded like this, the finished product will be flattened out)


dominique eichi said...

glad your pushing through because we would all be sad not to have your artwork to bless our eyes with. Sometimes we are our worst enemies please be convinced that even if you drew stick figures we would love them. Your doodles could be our delight so keep posting and doing the art that is yours because we love it. Blessings !

Genine said...

bust through the wall Chris, this is looking awesome!