Thursday, April 26, 2012


My copy of Jerusalem signed and sketched by Guy Delisle.
I went to Politics & Prose with my sister tonight and heard Guy Delisle talk about his the making of his "Travel Chronicle" comics and especially his new book Jerusalem.  He was a great speaker with a really nice sense of humor and was pleasure to listen to & talk with.

Bonus, I got these sweet signatures & sketches from him in a couple of his books. (which are amazing and everyone should buy them and read them all now.  Like, NOW now.  Like tonight, go buy it tonight.)

My copy of Pyongyang signed by Guy Delisle.

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Duygu said...

waaah! i want one of these signatures too! did he do it for everybody or were you lucky enough to get it -considering it will take up some time-? man, i think i am seriously jealous :-[