Friday, December 20, 2013

Main & Scio

Main and ScioThis is a 3 1/2' X 5 1/2' piece I've been working on that's up at the Workhouse Art Center at the moment.  It still seems a touch unfinished to me, so I may fiddle with it some more, maybe add some color.  Who knows..


Anthony said...

I think this is awesome. I've been seeing your drawings for a while, but hadn't looked close enough to see what types of materials you use. This one is obviously on cardboard, and it looks incredible. Just wanted you to know that I'm inspired by what you're doing.

Christian Tribastone said...

Thanks a lot Anthony! I appreciate it very much.

Anonymous said...

I just disovered your work through Wet Canvas, and am a huge fan. Beautiful compositions and exquisite execution! I love how you use the toned paper for your middle value, but what pen do you use for your whites?

Best, Evelyn