Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Good Reason to fly Midwest...

MyMidwest Magazine (the in-flight magazine from Midwest Airlines) has published an article featuring the Urban Sketchers website.

The article was curated by USk founder Gabi Campanario and features Gabi, Fred Lynch, Thomas Thorspeken, Shiho Nakaza, Kate Johnson, Marc Taro Holmes, Tommy Kane, and myself. Somewhere in there is a drawing I did of Ben's Chili Bowl.

Check it out. And fly MidWest!

(And Thanks Gabi!)


Big Speck said...

Wow! Nice! I hope you got some copies - plural. Nice if they gave you a free round-trip too... cheap bastards. It looks great. Think about all the potential viewers you've got zipping over our heads looking at your stuff!

Sam Spina said...

wow i love your drawings man. that little spx book you made looks sick