Saturday, November 28, 2009

Giveaway in Chinatown

For this giveaway I decided I didn't want to make 10 or 12 individual drawings to give away.

I am lazy.

So I took the drawing of the Chinatown Gate I made from the last sketch crawl and made an edition of 12 prints from it. The original drawing was in my sketchbook, but I wanted to make prints on sheets from brown paper bags. So I made some stencils, and used them to lay out the whites of the image I wanted to keep.

Chinatown Gate StencilsStenciled Sheet
I ran the papers through my inkjet printer and voila.
Chinatown Gate Sheets
With only one or two misprints.
Misprinted Chinatown Gate
So I printed 3 good sheets, for a total of 12 prints. I chopped them up, bagged them, and brought them back to Chinatown.
Chinatown Gate 12 printsIMG_1620
I placed all 12 on windshields back at Chinatown. And only one woman came running up to me yelling at me for leaving a ticket on her car. But she was okay once I explained what I was really doing. I also left an art ticket on a Metro van, and watched the Metro employee find the print, and look around with a confused look as he opened it up. I got a kick out of that.

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