Monday, December 14, 2009

View from St. Joseph's

So lately I've been working on a bigger piece than I usually do, and tonight I was laying out some buildings & trees and such in the background. Sort of where St. Joseph's park in Roc would be.
When I feel done, I go online, tool around a while and eventually make my way to Genine's (awesome) blog.
And what do I see staring me in the face? Her sketch of nearly the exact same view. A sketch I somehow missed every other time I've visited her site. Weird.

And damn. Its way better than mine...

ps. I'm kind of hoping I am in Rochester for a sketchcrawl sometime in the future. Crossing my fingers the timing goes right.


Genine said...

Chris, how crazy is that?!?! I cant wait to see the finished piece!

It and this look awesome!

(and thanks for the kind words...i happpen to like your version best.)Love how you use the whites.

Anonymous said...

Hey, nice sketch. I was checking out random artist blogs and came across your page. I usually draw in black and white, but I'm now inspired to work in some more color again. I had also been meaning to check into Urban Sketchers...