Monday, October 18, 2010

50 (Mostly) Blind Contour Self-Portraits

50 Layered Blind Contour Drawings
Below are 50 (mostly) blind contour self portrait drawings I made recently, and I thought it might be interesting if I layered them all into one image. Hence the picture above. I still am playing around with it, and tweaking it in Photoshop, but I like how it turned out.
BCD 001BCD 002BCD 003BCD 004BCD 005BCD 006BCD 007BCD 009BCD 008BCD 010BCD 011BCD 012BCD 013BCD 014BCD 015BCD 016BCD 017BCD 018BCD 019BCD 020BCD 021BCD 022BCD 023BCD 024BCD 025BCD 026BCD 027BCD 028BCD 029BCD 030BCD 031BCD 032BCD 033BCD 034BCD 035BCD 036BCD 037BCD 038BCD 039BCD 040BCD 041BCD 042BCD 043BCD 044BCD 045BCD 046BCD 047BCD 048BCD 049BCD 050


Anonymous said...

love it

Isabel said...

love the result, but not sure what means blind contour?

Big Speck said...

Fantastic! I will be showing these along with your earlier paintings to my students again.