Saturday, October 9, 2010

Curbside Cupcakes: Pinky

Curbside Cupcake
I browsed around the always fun Crafty Bastards Fair last weekend and lo-and-behold the Curbside Cupcakes [@CurbsideCupcake] food truck was parked out dispensing their tiny cakes of goodness. I sketched a bit and had a amazing dark chocolate cupcake, but apparently the raspberry lemonade flavor is the way to go. Find them and eat their goods.


Curbside Cupcakes said...

Christian, I LOVE your drawing! Do you have a copy you could send us? I'd like to add it to our photo album on Facebook.... even though it's so much more than a picture.
Best wishes,

Björn Eskil said...

Thanks Kristi!
I'll email you a bigger jpeg, but otherwise you can grab it from this website or my flickr account if you want.