Sunday, October 24, 2010

All Star Rollergirls

DC All Stars Roller Derby at Dr. Sketchy's
Last weekend was Sketchcrawl #29.. which I will address again later... But that later that same day was a Dr. Sketchy's figure session with the DC Roller-girls All-Star team. Now, I don' t know whats wrong with this town, but I turn out to be the only person to show up. How there weren't dozens of people there, I'll never understand. And while I would have totally understood the team calling it a night and getting home early, they actually stuck around and let me draw for a few hours. So just know that they are indeed as awesome, hilarious and nice (& frankly bad-ass) as you would hope.

I should also add that I wish some figure-class models I've seen had posed half as well as the roller-girls did. They consistently modeled fantastic poses, many of which surely made them sore the next morning.

Pictured above are dr. SKabs (standing), Gun'Her Down (kneeling), and Small Frye (reclining).

DC All Stars Gun'Her DownDC All Stars dr. SKabs
DC All Stars Small Frye

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SKabs said...

Thanks for posting, Christian! Looks great! Come say hello if you make it to a bout, okay?